CSEDNY is a not-for-profit organization that was founded 36 years ago as one of the first federally-funded treatment alternatives to incarceration. For many years, the agency’s main focus was on providing treatment for alcohol and drug addiction to men and women involved with the criminal justice system.

Many of our clients are still referred by federal and state probation and parole, as well as the court systems. In the past decade, CSEDNY has expanded its mission to serve individuals from all walks of life who need effective addiction treatment.

Today, CSEDNY treats over 3,000 individuals annually.

Mission Statement

CSEDNY is dedicated to providing the most effective treatment possible for men, women and adolescents who are chemically dependent. The agency utilizes treatment modalities that have proven effective based on rigorous research. We pride ourselves on being innovative, creative and flexible. Quick to respond to problems and challenges, the staff has created an environment where people have a realistic opportunity to attain sobriety and stability in their lives, even if they have been unsuccessful in the past.

Treatment is provided in an environment that respects the dignity and potential of all staff and clients. CSEDNY seeks to help each program participant achieve their goals for housing, education, employment and personal relationships, and maintain sobriety whatever their future challenges.